A Visit To…


There are so many places to explore in the SoCal area. This page is a list of movies I created displaying my experience at some of these cool locations. Each spot is unique and I can’t wait for more adventures!

  • A Visit to the Midway
  • This was our first time exploring the USS Midway. This museum on water provides beautiful city views, interesting tours and many places to explore. I highly recommend visiting!

  • A Visit To Torrey Pines State Beach
  • We both took a spontaneous trip to Torrey Pines State Beach. Out mission was simply to appreciate the views and capture the experience on film. We had a good time!

  • A Visit To TeWinkle Park
  • We met up with my siblings and their families in Orange County at TeWinkle Park. This park is just as unique as the name. You can spend hours just watching and observing all the ducks and birds interact in the pond. It’s a very playful and relaxing spot.

  • A Visit To VITAL Climbing Gym
  • My friend Will and his family took us to VITAL climbing gym in Oceanside, CA. I didn’t have much experience bouldering so it was a perfect opportunity to take it all in. I had an amazing time and Will has really good balance on the slack line!

    If you have been to any of the places, please drop me a comment below and share your experience! Thanks for reading.


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