Theo Simon is a (NASM-Certified) Personal Trainer from San Diego, CA. After high school, Theo started lifting weights and studying kinesiology. In 2012, his passion for movement inspired him to trade his full-time position as a Web Designer for Personal Training. Theo has 7+ years experience personal training in public, private and corporate settings. His interests include playing basketball, traveling with his wife and spending time with friends and family. Theo’s clients range in all levels from athletes to sedentary individuals looking to improve their fitness. He’s kind, easy to work with and enjoys the process of programming and coaching clients towards reaching their goals.

  • Theo’s training emphasizes:
  • ✔ functional strength & conditioning
  • ✔ speed, agility & quickness (for athletes)
  • ✔ breathing & posture
  • ✔ injury prevention

If you are interested in training with mein either group or private sessions, please email theosimonfitness@gmail.com or: