My training approach is known as 'integrated training'. The National Academy of Sports Medicine defines integrated training as "a concept that incorporates all forms of training in an integrated fashion as part of a progressive system." These forms of training include: flexibility, mobility, cardiorespiratory, core strength endurance, resistance, balance, coordination, plyometric (reactive) and agility.

  • Benefits of Integrated Training:
  • improves movement performance
  • improves cardiorespiratory efficiency
  • enhances beneficial endocrine & serum lipid adaptations
  • increases metabolic efficiency
  • increases tissue tensile strength
  • decreases body fat
  • increases lean body mass

The training will be implemented in 3 levels: stabilization, strength and power. Each stage has a designated purpose that provides the client with a safe and systematic approach for progressing towards their goals and needs.

  • -increase joint stability, flexibility & enhance control of posture.
  • -low load with high reps.
  • Maintain stabilization endurance while developing prime mover strength.
  • -improvement in overall work capacity, enhance joint stabilization & increases lean body mass.
  • -moderate loads & reps (supersets).
  • Development of speed and power.
  • -enhances neuromuscular efficiency, prime mover strength & increases rate of force production.
  • -moderate loads & fast and controlled reps (supersets).

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