Black Lives Matter

Rest In Peace George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the countless other black lives lost to racism. This must stop NOW! Ignoring white supremacy in America allows it to flourish. It is essential for white people to listen more and educate ourselves on systemic racism, micro aggression and the truths about US history. Learn… Read More

Effective Back and Shoulders Mobility Routine

Having mobile back and shoulders is an important component of staying healthy and pain-free. Our back and shoulders work together to help us perform daily tasks and lift heavy objects. If you experience a stiff back and shoulders the video below, "Effective Back and Shoulders Mobility Routine" will be a helpful resource for you. The… Read More

BOSU Full Body Strength Workout

The BOSU ball is one of my favorite pieces of equipment to use at home. You can use either side of the BOSU to get an effective, challenging, full body workout. The half dome design allows you to focus on different elements of your fitness…

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6 Exercises for Calf Pain and Tight Calves

Are you experiencing calf pain or do your calves get tight? In this article, I will help you address common calf issues that can leave you sidelined or impede on your active lifestyle. These exercises are designed to be simple, practical and effective.

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My Exercise Video Membership is Here!

I’m excited to announce my online exercise video membership service launched today! Login and choose the exercises that suit your needs. Filter through over 100 video tutorials based on training type, equipment, body focus and/or level of difficulty. Designed to make your workouts easier! To learn more, visit

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Speed Training with Mini Hurdles

Training with mini hurdles helps develop athletic speed and lower body power. Running, jumping and leaping over hurdles improves your agility. When your body is working in sync and in rhythm, movement becomes more fluid. Being more agile means…

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Simple Hip Stretch Routine

The hips refer to the general region of your upper thigh and pelvis on the lateral sides of the body. The hip joints are the ball-and-socket joints connecting your legs to the trunk of your body, in which the head of the thigh bone fits into the socket of the ilium. Lack of movement, or…

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