BOSU Full Body Strength Workout

The BOSU ball is one of my favorite pieces of equipment to use at home. You can use either side of the BOSU to get an effective, challenging, full body workout. The half dome design allows you to focus on different elements of your fitness. You can work on building strength, balance and cardio.

Benefits of using a BOSU ball for strength training:

  • ✔ improves balance and joint stability
  • ✔ requires additional core stabilization
  • ✔ trains proprioception
  • ✔ improves cardiovascular levels
  • ✔ helps speed up your metabolism
  • ✔ provides feedback to help you adjust your posture and alignment
  • ✔ offers a variety of exercises
  • ✔ strengthens small muscles you didn’t know you had

Now, let’s get on with the workout.

How to Strengthen your Full Body Using a BOSU Ball

First off, if you have a BOSU ball, you can do these exercises at home or in your garage with minimal space required. You will have more confidence in your ability to get a quality full body strength routine after reading this blog. Try this effective full body strength workout using a BOSU ball. If you don’t have a BOSU ball and would like to purchase one, you can buy one through this Amazon link.

The following BOSU circuit consists of 8 exercises and is designed to develop full body strength, balance and increase cardio levels. You can include this workout in your fitness regimen 2-3 times per week. I recommend a full body dynamic stretch warm up prior to doing this routine. If you are experiencing shoulder or back pain, try incorporating some shoulder and hip stretches first.

Let’s take a look at these exercises in detail.

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1. BOSU Push Up

  • BENEFIT: This variation of a Push Up strengthens your chest, shoulders and core stabilizer muscles.
  • TIP: Be mindful of keeping your elbow pits facing forward and to bend your arms so your elbows are tucked at your sides.
  • SETS & REPS: 10 reps

2. BOSU Plank

  • BENEFIT: BOSU Full Plank strengthens the stabilizer muscles of your core and shoulders.
  • TIP:As you hold the plank, keep your heels together, roll your thighs in toward each other and squeeze your glutes. Your lower back should feel supported throughout.
  • SETS & REPS: 30 seconds

3. BOSU Mountain Climbers

  • BENEFIT: Adding a BOSU ball to mountain climbers works your shoulders and core more and boosts your heart rate.
  • TIP:Move your feet quickly and keep the BOSU from tipping at any point.
  • SETS & REPS: 30 seconds

4. Squat BOSU Press

  • BENEFIT: BOSU squat and press strengthens your chest, shoulders and leg muscles.
  • TIP:Stay low but keep your chest up and back straight.
  • SETS & REPS: 20 reps

5. BOSU Squat

  • BENEFIT: Squats on a BOSU ball improves your balance, coordination and strengthens your glutes and leg muscles.
  • TIP:Squat as if you were sitting deep in a chair. Hinge at your hips to maintain a neutral spine.
  • SETS & REPS: 10 reps

6. BOSU Bulgarian Split Squat

  • BENEFIT: BOSU Bulgarian Split Squat improves single leg strength and balance.
  • TIP: Lower until your front thigh is almost horizontal, keeping your knee over your foot. Don’t let your front knee shift forward beyond your toes.
  • SETS & REPS: 10 reps

7. BOSU Single Leg Deadlift to Overhead Press

  • BENEFIT: This advanced BOSU exercise improves single leg balance and flexibility while strengthening the back of your body.
  • TIP: Lift your extended leg and lower the BOSU until your body forms a “T” shape. Let your back leg guide the movement.
  • SETS & REPS: 10 reps

8. BOSU Cross Jack Knife Crunch

  • USE: Single Arm Toe Touch strengthens your abdominals and oblique muscles of your core.
  • TIP: Exhale as you lift your head and shoulder blades from the floor. At the same time, draw in your navel and aim with your opposite hand to touch your toes.
  • SETS & REPS: 10 reps

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