*$10/visit fee for in-home training.

Cardiorespiratory Endurance Training package is designed to help increase one’s cardiovascular endurance and improve overall physical fitness levels. This package is for anyone looking to focus on improving their cardio in performance (walking, jogging, running, biking, etc.) reduce mental anxiety or weight management. Cardio training improves your energy, stamina, blood pressure, cholesterol and metabolism levels. Each session is 60 minutes and will focus on these areas of cardiorespiratory training:

  • ✔ Warm Up & Cool Down for Cardio Training
  • ✔ Muscle Activation & Recovery Techniques
  • ✔ Foundation-Level Cardio Training
  • ✔ Intermediate and Advanced Cardio Training

This package includes a FREE 80-minute Fitness Consultation and Cardiorespiratory Assessment.

To schedule your Fitness Consultation and begin your Cardiorespiratory Endurance Training package, contact Theo.