Easy Shoulder Strength Routine with a Resistance Band

This EASY shoulder strength routine with a resistance band has helped me so much I HAD to create a video/post on it. This routine improves my posture and helps me feel prepared for my upper body workouts. It helps me warm up my shoulders and reduces my risk for injury. WHY SHOULD I STRENGTHEN MY… Read More

Virtual Training

VIRTUAL TRAINING Virtual Training sessions are ideal for people who have access to a computer or mobile device and prefer to workout remotely in their home or fitness space. Theo provides live instruction and feedback via Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. Sessions last one hour. Following the session, clients are given a session recap with exercise… Read More

BOSU Full Body Strength Workout

The BOSU ball is one of my favorite pieces of equipment to use at home. You can use either side of the BOSU to get an effective, challenging, full body workout. The half dome design allows you to focus on different elements of your fitness…

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10 Cardio Drills with One Cone that will Make You Sweat

One cone. That’s it! For these exercises, all you need is one cone. I'm inspired to share this collection of simple and challenging cardio moves to help you keep your workout routine fun. At the bottom of this post you can read tips to help you use these drills for your own cardio routine. Enjoy… Read More

Top 5 Areas to Foam Roll After Sitting All Day

Many people reportedly suffer from back pain or muscle soreness after sitting. A study published by Technol Health Care shows that sitting in an awkward posture for a prolonged time may lead to spinal or musculoskeletal disease. It’s important to have a balanced routine that compliments the amount of time you are in a seated… Read More

In Person Training

IN PERSON TRAINING In Person Training is 1 on 1 training that focuses on programming the individual toward reaching a specific goal in a certain period of time. This training is ideal for people who have fitness goals, play in a sport or want to train consistently for overall health. In-Person Training will help you… Read More

6 Exercises for Calf Pain and Tight Calves

Are you experiencing calf pain or do your calves get tight? In this article, I will help you address common calf issues that can leave you sidelined or impede on your active lifestyle. These exercises are designed to be simple, practical and effective.

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Theo Simon

ABOUT THEO SIMON Theo has coached for over 10 years and is passionate about showing you how exercise can improve your life. Born and raised in San Diego, his love for fitness started when he was young with skateboarding, playing sports, and weightlifting. While working a desk job, Theo began to feel the effects of… Read More

Group Training

GROUP TRAINING (minimum of 3 people) Group Training is is designed to keep you moving amongst your peers. This package is a fun way to stay active while working at your fitness goals. Each session is 60 minutes and will focus on many aspects of training including strength, flexibility and cardio endurance. Benefits of Group… Read More

About The Training

ABOUT THE TRAINING My training approach is known as 'integrated training'. The National Academy of Sports Medicine defines integrated training as "a concept that incorporates all forms of training in an integrated fashion as part of a progressive system." These forms of training include: flexibility, mobility, cardiorespiratory, core strength endurance, resistance, balance, coordination, plyometric (reactive)… Read More