Easy Shoulder Strength Routine with a Resistance Band

This EASY shoulder strength routine with a resistance band has helped me so much I HAD to create a video/post on it. This routine improves my posture and helps me feel prepared for my upper body workouts. It helps me warm up my shoulders and reduces my risk for injury.


Healthy shoulders will help you move more efficiently throughout the day. This resistance band routine is helpful because it activates the muscles responsible for posture and back support. If you suffer from chronic shoulder pain, shoulder stiffness or tightness, this routine will be helpful for you. Doing this shoulder strength exercise routine consistently will help improve:

  • ✔ support your back and shoulder joints
  • ✔ strengthen muscles your rotator cuff
  • ✔ increase range of motion of your shoulders.


Your shoulders move dynamically and have many functions. It’s important to have a balanced exercise routine when strengthening your shoulders. Maintain a shoulder strength routine that supports the range of motion and function of your shoulders. Watch this video, ‘Easy Shoulder Strength Routine With a Resistance Band,’ and learn more about each exercise.

If you would like to purchase a flexibility band like the one I’m using in the video, you can purchase them at Dick’s Sporting Goods by Fitness Gear. Now, here is a list of the shoulder strength exercises in detail.

1. Overhand Band Pull Apart

  • Overhand band pull apart targets shoulder stabilizer muscles and upper back strength. Keep your abdominals engaged, chest open and your hands the height of your shoulders.
  • REPS: 10 reps

2. Underhand Band Pull Apart

  • Underhand Bent Elbow Band Pull Apart emphasizes strengthening rotator cuff muscles even more. Keep your shoulder blades squeezed together and your elbows pinched at your sides.
  • REPS: 10 reps

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3. Band Sword Draw

  • Sword draw strengthens the rotator cuff muscles of your shoulder. Pull one end of the band and rotate your elbow the direction you are lifting. At the top of the movement, your thumb should point behind you.
  • REPS: 10 reps each side

4. Lateral Band Shoulder Raise

  • Band Lateral Raise strengthens primarily your medial shoulder muscles and upper back. Don’t shrug your shoulders instead keep space between your shoulder and ear.
  • REPS: 10 reps each side

5. Overhead Band Press

  • Overhead Band Press strengthens shoulder and core muscles required for overhead strength. Your wrists should remain over your elbows throughout. Be sure to straighten your arms completely at the top.
  • REPS: 10 reps each side

6. Upright Band Row

  • Upright Band Row targets the larger muscles of your shoulders and back. Keep your hands close to your body as you pull your elbows up and slightly out. Stay tall, avoid collapsing forward.
  • REPS: 10 reps

7. Bent Over Band Row

  • Bent Over Row strengthens your back muscles and improves muscle endurance. Position yourself properly by hinging at your hips and avoid your knees shifting forward. Row by pulling your elbows toward your hips.
  • REPS: 10 reps

8. Resistance Band Shoulder Flossing

  • Resistance Band Shoulder Flossing strengthens and mobilizes the muscles surrounding your shoulder joint. Reach in front and push the band away from your body. Shrug slightly as you reach overhead then pull the band apart. The wider your hands move apart the easier. Move slowly and breathe deeply.
  • REPS: 10 reps

I recommend doing this shoulder strength exercise routine 3-5 times per week. Try it between 1- 3 rounds depending on your fitness level. Remember to take 15 seconds recovery time between each exercise and rest for 1 minute between each round.

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I’d also recommend a shoulder and neck self massage routine and an effective shoulder and back mobility routine. This will help keep your shoulder joints healthy and pain free!

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