Speed Training with Mini Hurdles


Training with mini hurdles helps develop athletic speed and lower body power. Running, jumping and leaping over hurdles improves your agility. When your body is working in sync and in rhythm, movement becomes more fluid. Being more agile means you have a sharp reaction time. This can help in human performance and prevent potential injuries.


The mini hurdles are a great tool for training speed and quickness. Check out my video below to watch a demonstration of mini hurdle drills.

I enjoy using the mini hurdles because it’s a fun way to get a full body workout while improving speed and agility. They challenged me to be more aware of my foot steps during acceleration. This has helped me move better on the basketball court.


I recommend these speed training drills with mini hurdles even if you do not play a sport. It’s a fun way to get outside and practice something new. For starters, take it SLOW. Pick only 2 or 3 drills to try at first. Master those then progress to the more advanced drills. Notice a different in your foot speed with your daily tasks after a couple weeks of practice.


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Special thanks to: SKLZ for the awesome hurdles and Kai Simon for filming this video.


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