ABOUT Theo Simon is a passionate Exercise Coach from San Diego, CA. He grew up participating in recreational sports and skateboarding. After graduating from Mount Carmel High School, Theo started lifting weights and studying kinesiology. His training evolved from weight lifting to a more balanced and functional approach. In 2012, his passion for movement inspired… Read More


ServicesApproachServices 1-ON-1 TRAINING GYM: 10 session package= $850 1-on-1 Training is ideal for those looking for personal guidance toward achieving a specific goal. A 60-minute fitness consultation will be scheduled prior to your first session. During the consultation you will receive: a health questionnaire, posture assessment, movement assessment and a 4-week exercise calendar. GROUP TRAINING… Read More

Kettlebell Squat

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Foam Rolling Routine

Foam rolling is a mindful practice that I enjoy doing in the mornings, it helps me prepare for my day. After 15 minutes of rolling out, my body feels much looser. Below are some foam rolling exercises I’ve included in my routine: Tips for foam rolling: 1. Breathe in the face of discomfort. 2. Roll…

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